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Foster Care Software
for Child Placement Agencies

An easy, affordable way to track children, foster homes, case notes, reports, and outcomes.

Web-based, access from anywhere

Access extendedReach on our secure servers from any device with a web browser. No servers to monitor, data to backup, or phone lines to staff. We’ve got you covered!

Keep your contract commitments

Seamlessly track your children, home licensing, and outcomes. You concentrate on making a difference, extendedReach will mind the paperwork.

State and Local Government Access

Securely deliver updates and reports to your state and local government organizations. Keeping everyone on the same page is critical.

Foster home website too!

Safely share information with your foster homes, creating a tighter team, focused on helping your children through this difficult period in their lives.

Do you need help with programs other than Foster Care?

In addition to Foster Care, extendedReach is designed to support Residential, Group Homes, Independent Living, Shelter Care, Foster-Adopt, Straight Adoption, and Refugee programs too.

IBM Beacon Award Finalist

Beacon Awards recognize IBM Business Partners who have raised the standard for delivering innovative solutions and exemplary client satisfaction. We are proud to be a Finalist.

Praise for extendedReach

“It has saved us time, given us actionable information and positioned us for the future. We have been not just satisfied, but astonished by their ability to quickly and accurately assess our current business processes and affect them positively...”

~ Gary Kuyper, CIO of Bethany Christian Services